Claire Cartner

I started Claire Cartner Interior Design in 2004 when I was still living at home. Nowadays, in my own home, I find that its look and feel is forever changing according to the treasures I’m constantly discovering around Cape Town. There’s just so much out there, so many wonderful textures and colors, so many new and exciting artists, but also so much inspiration – not just within the interior design industry but also, more broadly, in the rich cultural heritage and sheer natural beauty of Cape Town itself.

All of this I try to let flow into the work I do on my clients’ homes and projects, combining it with existing family heirlooms, art, collectables, or whatever, in order to create bespoke, uniquely personal interiors.

Since 2010 I also offer my clients the option of rearranging their existing interiors – in other words, creating fresh new styles by working largely with furniture and materials that are already on hand. This has proved especially popular among clients who’ve recently moved house, say, or those simply looking to rejuvinate their homes relatively inexpensively.


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